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A lucky encounter: that's the way EasyPop was born, imagined and created by Patrizio Pirrone and Gianluca "Luka" Fiorentini.
Our show "La Storia del Jukebox® (The History of Jukebox)" took shape; we registered and patented our original idea, then we brought it in our shows and parties. A few musicians came and went, but in 2012 Viola Fiorentini joined our team permanently.
Little by little, some newspapers began to write about our show.
In those years we've done many concerts all over Italy, from north to south, playing in events of all kinds, in town's squares, in resorts, fairs, festivals, weddings, and so on.

(EasyPop - 2015 - Club Med Pragelato)

(EasyPop - 2016 - Kenyan Tour)

In 2015 we published our first live album "EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox - Live n. 1".

In 2016, precisely in March, we brought our unique show in a tournée organized by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we went to Nairobi, Kenya. An unforgettable experience in which we saw every shade of the metropolis, from the luxury districts to the slums. In Babadogo we met the kids, boys and girls, of the Music and Dance School Banjuka, sustained by the Italian non-profit World Friends.
Many newspapers wrote about our Kenyan experience: Business Daily Africa, Aise, 9Colonne, and many more. We also saw ourselves on a beautiful article on the Farnesina's home page.

In October 2016 we sailed on the Mediterranean Sea to play our concerts on the stunning ship MSC Orchestra.

In 2017 we've begun an artistic collaboration with Italian Ministry of Defense; we began to play in the events of the Italian Club of the Officials of Armed Forces, in Rome.

We took part in Patrizio Pirrone's workshop "EasyPop Drums", at FIM - International Fair of Music; we've been guests at the party for the 30th anniversary of Italian magazine Raropiù, with which we collaborate; we brought our show in fairs as the "Arti e Mestieri EXPO" and the "Festival dell'Oriente - That's America".

In May 2018 we've recorded and released our single with Bobby Solo: the title is "Torno Da Te" and it's available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon.

(EasyPop - 2018 - Ph. Maurizio Coggiatti)

(EasyPop - 2018 - Ivankiv - Ukraine)

After many months of planning, in September 2018 our project with Italian ONG Mondo In Cammino was born: it is called "Basta Una Canzone - Live concerts in Chernobyl" and took place in Ukraine with 5 concerts played in the contaminated villages hit by 1986's Chernobyl nuclear accident - places that are still radioactive. It has been a unique event, as we are the first band in history to have planned a tour of concerts in Chernobyl, for Chernobyl. The first step made by this project, which aims to involve people and create feelings of empathy, create and share mutual trust, connections and awareness, spread by music and culture. More of these concerts are to be planned in the future - actually, we made 2 more in January, 2019.

We collect donations for Mondo In Cammino during our concerts; we also wrote a song for the association, that is called "Basta Una Canzone" and became MIC's anthem!

In March, 2019 we made an agreement with the label Moon Records Ukraine, and recorded for them the song we wrote and dedicated to the Ukrainian people, "Terra di Libertà" - which is available on all digital platforms.

In June, 2019 we release "EasyPop - Non Solo Live", an album which contains our 2018 live recordings and our studio works.

We are currently touring all over Italy for our Road Jukebox Tour 2019, and recording new songs.

(EasyPop - 2019 - Frascati)


"Basta Una Canzone - live concerts in Chernobyl", the tour we planned and made in the contaminated areas of Nothern Ukraine, was born to support the humanitarian work on non-profit organization Mondo In Cammino. We've done that by creating moments of sharing, happiness, and by turning "us" and "them" into a "together".
We EasyPop are official music testimonials of Mondo In Cammino and we sustain all its projects, collecting the donations made by the audience during our shows - as we've done to guarantee the clean food in the schools.

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